Mobile Stage Technical Data

Closed Dimensions

 Stage  Lenght max (with draw bar) 10323mm
 Width 2350 mm
 Height 3050mm
 Wheelbase (adjustable) 1540 – 890mm
 Track 2110mm
 Overhang 3379mm
 Own Weight (inclusive equipment) 3300 kg
 Maximum Permitted Load 200 kg
 Axle Weight 1 1800 kg
 Axle Weight 2 1800 kg
Draw Bar  Draw Bar Capacity max 3500 kg
 Draw Bar Load DIN Eye 150 kg
 Draw Bar Load Max 150 kg
 Height Adjustment -130mm to 575mm
Jockey Wheel  Capacity 500 kg


Open Stage Dimensions

 Floor Width 7910 mm
Depth 5872 mm
Height 1061 mm
 Roof Width 8170 mm
Depth 6815 mm
Height Above Ground 5057 mm
Clearance Height 3939 mm
Cross Beam Diameter 50 mm


 Floor Load Capacity 500 kg/m2
Total Capacity 8000 kg
Capacity/Swivel Jack 800kg
Pressure/Swivel Jack 1.2 N/mm
 Roof Uniformally Distributed Load (UDL)  320 kg 
  Centre Point Load (CPL)  160 kg 
  Total Load  1280 kg 
 Wall  Wind Resistance with Mesh  90 km/h 
 Stairs Capacity  400 kg